Good Tasks and Evernote

To some Good Task and Evernote might be competing applications but for me they compliment each other. For anyone else who feels that way, are you finding the new tasks feature in Evernote an asset? How are you integrating the two programs?

I use Evernote as my notes app for meetings and phone calls and I then manually extract action items and to dos into Good task for tracking.

Thoughts, suggestions, workflows?



While I'm keeping a lazy eye on developments in Evernote, I haven't seen anything there that competes with the GoodTask for me (not to mention that, while I hope Evernote continues to improve, I left it behind a long time ago). I keep notes in Drafts and actionable items in GoodTask— different combo, but similar workflow to the one you've described.

First question that comes to mind is: are you making tasks from Evernote manually, or do you make use of any automation? In Drafts, I have access to actions that allow me to easily create tasks from the current line within a note or even for the whole note. I'm curious about how you link between tasks and notes, or if you have any other ways of working.

Has Evernote fixed its support for URL schemes yet?

Thanks for the reply. Evernote now has a very robust Task feature that allows you to easily extract tasks from within notes (Evernote does it automatically actually). It's those tasks that I bring into GoodTask manually. So far the process is working for me and as long as nothing falls through the cracks that's all that matters.

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Just seeing this. I'm curious if Agenda would be a better workflow fit as it integrates w/ Apple's apps (guess I'm assuming...). Lot's of converts from Evernote to Agenda on their forums. I never spent much time with Evernote, so can't offer much more than that. I avoid subscriptions and try to stay within Apple apps as much as possible to minimize.