GoodTask 4.3.1 Update


GoodTask 4.3.1 update has been released today for both iOS and macOS.

This update includes bug fixes and small improvements including :

  • Some contacts not showing properly on searching locations
  • Title not vertically aligning centered on some devices in task detail page
  • Relative Quick Action adding time on no time tasks
  • Tapping notification not sending into the task randomly
  • Deleting completed tasks in advanced page not working properly on some lists on macOS
  • other bugs that might cause issues on certain situations

Next update will be focused on Apple Watch app. Stay tuned and hope you have wonderful holidays!

app-store app-store-mac


REALLY looking forward to the Apple Watch refresh in the next update. Any hint when that will be ready for beta testing?



Sometime in January? Can’t confirm any dates at the moment. Sorry! :wink: