GoodTask 4.4.0 for macOS Update


GoodTask 4.4.0 for macOS has just been updated. It'll roll out worldwide soon. Details are below.

All New 'New Task' window

  • Add a new task with URL/ Notes/ Subtasks directly on the window
  • Open it with Global Keyboard Shortcut on any other screens including full-screen apps
  • Alert icon will be shown next to due date if it's set. You can click the icon to remove the alert
  • Add More (CMD-Shift-Enter) button will save the task and keep all the options except title field

Keyboard usage

  • Enter on title, CMD-Enter on any other field will save if title field is not empty
  • If title field is empty, it'll close without saving
  • Escape on title will close the window without saving
  • Escape on other fields will move the cursor to title field
  • Tab will cycle through 'Title - List - Quick Action - Due date - URL - Notes - Subtasks'. Using Space will open buttons (Up/Down arrow keys will work on Lists too)
  • Up/Down arrow keys will move between Title/URL/Notes/Subtasks
  • Enter on URL field will lead to Notes
  • Enter on Subtasks will add a subtask
  • You can move between subtasks with up/down arrow keys
  • Delete key when a subtask is selected will delete it
  • Drag and drop on a subtask will change the order if possible
  • You may use Text Snippets such as '!!!' at the beginning of title to change priority
  • Text Snippets can be set inside 'Preferences - New Task - Text Snippets'

Other improvements

  • Previous selected list is now kept when the app is re-opened

  • All URL Schemes that worked on iOS now works on macOS too

  • Print option now prints all the tasks on the list like iOS

  • Glitches on El Capitan / Dark Mode has been fixed

  • Option on New Task - Start Date/ Due date can have longer previous date

& minor bug fixes and improvements



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I'm so excited to try out the URL schemes and keyboard shortcut enhancements! :grinning:


Great update to the new task entry window. If I have my system preference set to light appearance but have GoodTask in dark theme you can't see the URL, Note or Subtask fields.


Thanks for the report. I’ll fix it on next update :wink: