GoodTask 4.4.1 for macOS Update

This update brings fixes and some improvements described below.

  • New Task window not showing text properly when theme and system mode doesn't match has been fixed
  • Escape key when buttons are selected on New Task window will move focus to title field
  • Clicking where alert button is at will add an alert when due date is set without an alert
    (Button will not be visible)
  • 'Mail Link' on URL field will now show message URL directly
  • Lists & Quick Actions added on 'Menu - Edit' for selected items
    : You can setup keyboard shortcuts on ' - System Preferences - Keyboard - Shortcuts - App Shortcuts' for separate Quick Actions using this menu



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Heck yes! :grinning: [adding more characters to hit the 20 character limit]

Hi! I am trying to add a keyboard shortcut for Quick Actions and I think that it is not possible because the time of the Quick Action result is shown in the menu text.

For example, I have a Quick Action for +18 Minutes so I tried the keyboard shortcut "Edit->Quick Actions->+18 Minutes" which does not work.

On the actual menu the +18 Minutes Quick Action says "+18 Minutes (1:45 PM)".

Since the times are always changing the menu item name keeps changing too.

Am I missing something?


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A workaround for now is to calculate those values within KM. This is working alright for me at the moment.

Here's a sample action that will select +1 Day (Sat, Tomorrow).

Although I'm just now realizing I'll have to tweak it a bit more. That only works if the task doesn't have a date, or is set to Today already.

Thanks for the feedback. As you said, those relative values are not suitable for keyboard shortcuts. :sob:

I'll see what I can do on later updates. Thanks!


Off topic, but is there any chance a Windows PC client could be developed?

Hi Daron, currently it's not available since GoodTask uses tech from Apple which is only on their OS's. When they open it up, it could be considered. Thanks!

Thanks for responding, I thought that might have been the situation, but it was worth asking :slight_smile:

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