GoodTask 4.4.3 for iOS Update

GoodTask 4.4.3 update is a small bug fix update including some addition on Apple Watch app.

  • Apple Watch : Adding with Presets & Scribbling option
    : You can add/edit presets on iPhone app's Settings - Apple Watch - Presets

  • 'Translate GoodTask' page added (with contributor's link)

& bug fixes and improvements


app-store app-store-mac

Is this a newer version than the beta? I think that is still at 4.4.0?

@Daron_Brewood Yes, beta only runs for major releases. Normally minor updates get released right away so it doesn’t go into beta (App Store version and beta builds are a bit different).

Do you prefer being in beta always?

Usually I'm a big fan of beta releases, but if I'm missing out I can go to release? Which would you suggest?

I'd recommend installing beta during .x releases and use App Store version after it's released. :slight_smile:

Since beta also needs to be approved by Apple, I usually go without beta for .x.x releases.

Right! :slight_smile: I'll stick with the beta for the moment then!