GoodTask 4.7.0 Update

GoodTask has been updated to 4.7.0. On this update, you can customize task display options and set it separately for each smart list if you'd like. For example, you can set a list to show only title with 1 line only and set another list to show all the title with notes and subtasks. Details are below.

Task Display option

  • You can set Task Display per smart list with more various options
    : 2 Default options (1 for Reminders list and 1 for all others)
    : Others can be added and used per list

  • Priorities are now shown on front of title

  • Details (Line with date & etc) can be hidden

  • List name can be hidden separately

  • Notes can be shown with line breaks

  • All Notes can be shown

  • (macOS) 3 Lines for Title and Notes added (Syncs with iOS devices)

Apple Watch improvements

  • Force touch inside app to refresh data
  • Force touch inside a task to show/hide completed subtasks
  • 'Add Notes' option added inside each task
  • Color adjustments option added to turn off auto correcting list color feature
  • Preset option for adding subtasks and notes are separated

Other improvements

  • (iOS) Uncheck option added to Bulk Actions when only completed tasks are selected

  • (iOS) Delete event with swipe

  • (macOS) Delete event with delete key

  • Show Declined events (Settings - Advanced, Hidden by default)

  • (iOS) App Icon Shortcut (3D Touch) - Top 2 Favorite lists are added

  • (iOS) Hex code can be inserted on color picker

  • Siri shortcuts : Add New Task options not saving on iCloud sync has been fixed

  • Some bugs on Background App Refresh has been fixed

  • Performance and stability improvements

& Other minor adjustments and bug fixes


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