GoodTask 4.8.3 preparing for iOS 13

This update includes important feature that needs to be ran before macOS Catalina & iOS 13.

Change of data on URL Field

  • New iOS/macOS will remove existing data/features around URL field

  • URL saved in existing tasks will be moved to notes field
    (Will run automatically in the beginning. Can be ran separately on Settings - Advanced. After this action is finished, all URLs will be copied to your clipboard for double backup purpose. You may copy it to other document to keep a separate backup.)

  • URL field will still exist like before and will crop URL from title or notes field (with option to select first/last in notes : Settings - Advanced) to make use of 'Open URL' feature

  • Saving a task with share sheet will save URL on notes field

Other improvements

  • Better refreshing app icon badge after completing from widget
  • Open URL button has been changed to simple arrow
  • Fix : Snoozing does not affect alert time change on recurring tasks
  • Fix : Rotation related bugs

You may check below post for things to know about iOS 13 & macOS Catalina. Thanks!

It's a pity that Apple doesn't support the URL field anymore, but I don't really find the planned solutions feasible, sorry. Wouldn't it be possible, as with Things3 or OF, to make the links inside the note field clickable? You could remove the URL field, spare some screen space, prevent the same information from being placed on top of each other twice and also, more important, make multiple links in a note field usable...
On the Mac it already works this way, and on iOS it should be possible too? I just don't like the "virtual" URL field, which in my opinion has become superfluous, because it just duplicates existing data.
But that's just my 2c :slight_smile:


Hi @thx, thanks for the feedback. You can already tap the link on notes field. Virtual URL field is used to pick one for 'Open URL' actions which are in Quick Actions, swipe and notifications.


Understood. So how do you handle the URLs provided in the "&url=" parameter of the URL scheme when creating new tasks in the future? Will these then also be saved in the note? Depending on the settings in "first/last in notes : Settings - Advanced"? Or always at the end?

URL field will be removed in URL scheme on next update along with editing URL field. It won't work properly on iOS 13. :cry: