GoodTask 4.8.5 for iOS update and more

Hi everyone,

iOS updates are giving some hard time for GoodTask users at the moment. I'm sorry about inconvenience.

With 4.8.5 update, performance should be improved for the main usage inside the app. If you're experiencing heavy load of delay, it may be due to some indexing of Reminders database that's running under the hood. It should be resolved automatically.

When you edit tasks and go out of the app directly, app icon badge may go away for some seconds before coming back. This is due to some behavior change on iOS 13 but will be fixed on next update.

Next update will be focused heavily on stability and performance with multi-window on iPad and more. I'll do my best to bring it to you soon. Thanks! :wink:


Thanks for your diligence.

It must be frustrating to be held (sort of) hostage by how well the ios reminders work.

Presently I cannot make the ios reminders sync to my watch. It works flawlessly between my iPhone and iPad. I might succeed temporarily to make them show up on my watch but it seems to be more of a one time copying. After they show up on my watch, any additional tasks added on my iPhone don't sync. Again, This is NOT a Goodtask issue but does anyone else have this problem? Any solution? Thanks.

Edit: and I have tried unpairing, resetting, repairing, disabled reminders on my iCloud account on my iPhone and enabled again (Everything several times) and I have all the latest ios versions.

So, been doing some searching for this issue and it seems to be many users experiencing this. The problem is allegedly an iCloud sync issue and all we can do is to wait for Apple to come out with a fix.

Read here e.g.

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