GoodTask 5.9.1 locks on open

Every time I open GoodTask on my Mac it locks up and I have to force quit. This seems to be new with 5.9.1.

Hi @peterb999, thanks for the feedback. Please give me below info.

  • macOS version and device you're using.

  • Have you used v5.9? Was it ok with that version?

  • Are you seeing beachball?

  • When does it happen? Is it resolved if you restart the app?


Thanks for the quick response, mate.

• MacBook Pro macOS 10.15.7
• 5.9 seemed to be fine. I use GoodTask a lot, so I would have noticed.
• Yes, the beachball.
• It happens on starting the app. I can see the main screen but clicking anywhere gives me the beachball. I have to force quit and if I restart GoodTask it happens again. I deleted the app and re-downloaded from the App Store, and no change. Also restarted the MacBook, no change.

Hope this helps.



Hmm, there's not much changed in 5.9.1 for Mac version that could cause the hang.

Would you try waiting a bit and see how it goes?

If it still doesn't work, you may need to try resetting preferences by following below order.


  1. First, copy a backup of your settings. Using these files will let you restore settings that's made.
  • Open Finder and go to 'iCloud Drive/GoodTask/Settings'
  • Copy files to some other place.
  • If you don't have files here, go into 'GoodTask - Preferences - Sync' and select 'Upload'. Copy files after it's made
  1. Close the app.

  2. Delete preferences file

  • Open Finder

  • On top menu, choose 'Go > Go to folder..'

  • Copy below and move to the folder

  • Delete com.hahainteractive.GoodTask3Mac.plist

  • On top menu, choose 'Go > Go to folder..'

  • Copy below and move to the folder
    ~/Library/Group Containers/

  • Delete

  1. Reboot the device

  2. After opening GoodTask, if you need to restore preferences, you may select 'GoodTask - Preferences - Sync - Download' to bring settings from saved files in 'iCloud Drive/GoodTask/Settings'. If files are not there, you may copy files into that folder and choose 'Download'.


I waited a long time but the situation did not resolve. However, resetting the preferences as per your instructions fixed the problem immediately. Everything seems to be fine, so I don't believe I need to restore preferences.

Thank you for your help, and an excellent application.


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