GoodTask 7.1 Release Note

Hi everyone, GoodTask 7.1 is getting released. I wrote a blog post about the update below.

Detail release note is below.

Show Empty Section on List View

: Empty sections are now shown on List view. If you use 'Due date' sort option, empty dates will be shown.
: On 'List', empty days will be shown until 35 days max. After that, only dates with task will be shown. If next task is after 35 days, it'll only show empty section for 7 upcoming days.
: You can turn off option inside 'Settings - General - List View'

Add Button on Section Header

: Tapping right side of section header will bring up adding page accordingly
: Go into 'Settings - General - List View' for detail settings. You can show, hide or turn off add button. You can also hide 'Relative date' if you want to.
: Long tap on the button will show options for adding calendar events and templates when on dates

Future Recurring Tasks

: Recurring Tasks will show up on expected future dates even before it's completed. Tapping it will open current task. It'll show up until end of next month. (Shows when 'Due Date' sort option is selected on List View & Date Board on Board View)
: Option is available to hide them on 'Settings - General - Future Recurring Tasks'

Other improvements

  • (iOS) Haptic feedback on smart button selection changes

  • (macOS) CMD-Delete will delete selected task without an alert

  • 'Preferences - Advanced - Do not confirm when deleting' option added
    : Checking this option will delete selected task immediately on delete keyboard button

  • (macOS)Sound effect properly runs when task is added

  • (macOS)'Share' options are shown directly when in right click context menu

  • Today's Completed tasks shown on all board views

Hope you enjoy the update. Thanks!

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Love all the features of the update. One thought though, it would be good if the + marks next to the day headers didn’t follow due date setting in new task.

I have mine set for next days and when I click on the + next to Wednesday it adds a new talk to Thursday - here it doesn’t seem right - it should add to Wednesday.



Thanks! I've checked and it's definitely a bug. I'll fix it on the next update. Thanks!