Goodtask alarm doesn't work

Hi, I start to use Goodtask recently. I find a reminder problem.
The alert doesn't work when I kill the app (you know, slide up and kill the Goodtask). However, I also tried to stay Goodtask in the back, the reminder function works well.
I am sure I have turned on the reminder switch both in the app and setting on the iPhone.
Could someone can give me suggestions for this issue?
Thank you very much in advance.

Hi @edwardshh, thanks for using GoodTask. GoodTask's notification relies on background app refresh like you've mentioned. But if you set 'Settings - Advanced - Performance mode' to off, it'll mostly work even if you kill the app. I recommend keeping the app though. Thanks!

Hi, thank you very much. The alarm works well now.
However, there is a new issue. I add a smart list "complete". After tapping the item to note it finish, the item will show in the "complete" list, but the account is "0".
Could you please advise how I should edit the "complete" list?

The number shows count for incomplete tasks. If you want to check completed tasks count, you can go into 'Settings - Appearance - Lists' and check 'Show Completed Count'. Thanks!