GoodTask and My Wonderful Days

I have “purchased” both apps & love the functionality of each, however I don’t use the cloud and would like 2 send completed GoodTasks 2 My Wonderful Days on the date they were completed with all info, pics, tags, notes etc. We restore old cars & the history of parts/repairs sometimes gets rather long & hard 2 find.

Bottom line, is there a way for me to take a completed task and send it into My Wonderful Days for the completed date w/o the cloud? It just seems like tasks r/can b a large part of one’s journal. I’m not asking this to b automatic as some things 1 may not wish (lol) nor need to remember.

Thank you.

Hi @GNXGERALD, thanks for using our apps.

There is no specific way to do what you intend at the moment. Closest would be using Shortcuts to fetch completed tasks for today and export it as text to use on another app. You may check below post.


Thank you. Will give it a try.