GoodTask and URL Import


I have just started using GoodTask, and for my workflow there are loads of potential.

I have a few queries. For this topic though, I’m a little confused about how GoodTask handles web links. For instance, I saved a number of articles that show up in Apple’s Reminders app with the Safari icon, meaning that when I tap it then Safari will launch the URL.

However, when I view the same in GoodTask, there doesn’t seem to be a way to do this, nor do I see any information about a URL to click on that will open the original page.

Thanks for reading, and I hope that this feature exists.


Hi @velanche, thanks for the posts.

Apple saves app links including URL separately and does not share the data at the moment. You can get details about this on below link.

URL on GoodTask is saved in separate URL field that's available on Reminders API. Hope it made sense. Thanks!


I thought that I have responded to this awhile ago with a “thank you for the info,” but somehow I missed it!

In playing around with Goodtask today, I did a test today with the new version of Reeder (version 4) in which I saved an article via the Share Sheet by choosing “Goodtask.” It’s not available by default; it has to be switched out after choosing the three-dot edit option. When I go back to Goodtask and choose what was saved, I gestured over to the second second window that starts with “Due Date.” On the bottom, not only is the URL captured properly (previously, the URL was truncated to just the base URL, not the full path), but on the right there’s an info “icon,’ a circle with the “I” letter, that I tapped on, and that brought up the link in a browser window. I have also tested this in Safari, and confirmed that it also works there.

So it seems that to work in Goodtask, I don’t need to use the Reminders in the Share Sheet; rather, choose Goodtask there and it’ll work.

Again, you as the developer may already be aware of it, but just putting it out there for those like me who stumbled on this, as this is not documented in the Help. I rely on this feature heavily in Reminders and/or other to-do productivity apps, and I’m glad that it’s available in Goodtask.

Thank you; keep up the good work!

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