GoodTask for Mac OS, keep notifications but disable sounds?

Hey there, I just got GoodTask for both iOS and Mac OS and I love them both. My only question is how to keep notifications in the Mac OS version but turn off the sounds?

In General prefs I have "Sound Effects" off although it's a little unclear what that is for. And of course under the "Notifications" pane there is the ability to have notifications or not (checkbox) and pick a sound (dropdown) but there doesn't seem to be an option to pick no sound or silence, but keep notifications.

Am I missing something? Thanks for your help!

Hi semidivine, thanks for the feedback.

You need to use system settings to turn off sounds for notifications.

Go to ' - System Preferences - Notifications - GoodTask' and check off sounds there and it'll work as expected.

'Sound Effects' option inside GoodTask's preferences will turn on/off sounds that run after actions inside the app. And you can only change sounds in notifications preferences.


“'Sound Effects' option inside GoodTask's preferences”

Where do I find that? Under GoodTask in Settings i see ‘Allow GoodTask to access’, followed by several options including ‘Notifications’ and ‘Preferred Language’ with its options. The Notifications Sounds toggle didn’t turn off the sounds WITHIN the app, and those are the sounds I really want off.


Hi @Hans_G, thanks for the feedback. Inside GoodTask app, go into settings - General. You’ll see Sound Effects at the bottom. Thanks!

That worked, thanks, though I didn’t think to click on the gear before …