GoodTask for Mac OS, keep notifications but disable sounds?


Hey there, I just got GoodTask for both iOS and Mac OS and I love them both. My only question is how to keep notifications in the Mac OS version but turn off the sounds?

In General prefs I have "Sound Effects" off although it's a little unclear what that is for. And of course under the "Notifications" pane there is the ability to have notifications or not (checkbox) and pick a sound (dropdown) but there doesn't seem to be an option to pick no sound or silence, but keep notifications.

Am I missing something? Thanks for your help!


Hi semidivine, thanks for the feedback.

You need to use system settings to turn off sounds for notifications.

Go to ' - System Preferences - Notifications - GoodTask' and check off sounds there and it'll work as expected.

'Sound Effects' option inside GoodTask's preferences will turn on/off sounds that run after actions inside the app. And you can only change sounds in notifications preferences.