GoodTask integration woth Contacts


I was imagining what a GoodTask integration with Contacts might be like. Here’s what I came up with. What do you think?

When creating a task you can type the @ symbol followed by the name of a contact. Auto complete text will appear as you type and try to match the contact. If there is more than one match you can chose from a floating list or choose New Contact at the bottom of the auto complete list.

When you select the contact it creates a link with the matched contact. The todo item is appended to the notes field of the Contact and it links back to the to do item in GoodTask.

So if I type a to do in GoodTask: Call @john smith. it will bring up the auto complete list and I choose John Smith. If I had chosen New Contact a mini floating window would have appeared where I could have entered basic contact info and a new contact record would be created.

When I go to one of my task lists to do the task, I can click on the name of the contact ( ie @johnsmith). It’s a link that open up a a small floating window with the contact’s phone number and email. There’s an option to open the contact in the Contacts app. And there’s an option to perform an action. The action is based on the verb used in the to do item. If the to do is “Call Johns Smith”, then the action button will be to start a call. The verb email ( Email @johnsmith will have an option to create an email to that contact. Other verbs include FaceTime, Message , Skype


Another Verb could be “Meet”. Meet with @johnsmith. When you click on @johnsmith it brings up the option to create a new calendar event and if the event already exists the. to open up the event in Calendar.


Thanks for great suggestion. :slight_smile:

Integrating contact is a bit lower in priority at the moment but I'll keep your suggestion and will refer to it when the time comes.


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In the meantime, you might want to look at the Cardhop app. I'm pretty sure it has a URL scheme for linking to a contact, and once you jump to the contact in the app it offers most if not all those functions.

Yes, it's another app, but worth thinking about if you do a lot of work with contacts.


I actually have Cardhop for both Mac and iOS. But still, a contacts integration in GoodTask would be great.

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