GoodTask missing features


I like the app idea and will be happy to use it over Things 3, but there are some features that are inconvenient and all GoodTask 3 powers doesn't let me to use it.

This is something terrible. If I need to make a note (which I add to every task in my list) it's a pain, because I need to scroll to it on iOS and Mac. A notes section should be right after a task name. The same is on Mac and the notes section is at the very bottom.

Also, it opens in a "new window" which is also inconvenient. This is best implemented in Things 3 for ex.

This is also much better in Things 3. It's on the same screen so I don't have to scroll pages to choose what I need.

On Mac a widget can show full task name, but on iOS it shows only the first line. Want to see a whole task name on iOS widget.
Today widget shows tasks and than calendar events. It's wrong. Should be: Calendar events and than tasks.

I can add only one url to a task. But very often there are 2 or more needed to be added.

Badges on icon
The app works in a background and sync very fast any changes which I can see on widget, but badge on the icon doesn't change till I open the app. It's also irritating.

This is user experience and I'm not irritated, this are just the things I'd like to see in such app with great potential. I really like to use the app, but without these things it's not possible to me. Dear developer, please, add this features and I can guaranty that lot's of people will move to GoodTask 3 from other ToDo managers.

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Hi @godocosi, thanks for the feedback.

I'll keep them on the list to consider. :slight_smile:

One thing to mention is that Today Widget follows settings of the list that's selected in 'Settings - Today Widget'. If calendar events come before tasks in the settings of that list, it should be same in widget too.

Thanks again and I'll keep on improving the app! Have a wonderful day.