Goodtask notifications problems

Having problemswith Goodtask notifications. I can’t recieve notifications for any of my tasks since this morning and it’s not the first Time this happens.

Is there a way to fix it? I constantly need to Check my settings to make notifications run angain or need to re install the app.

I don’t want to have to leave goodtask for an other app, but I need to recieve a notification at required time for each tasks.

Thanks for helping me.

Hi @Siam_madi, thanks for using GoodTask. Do you swipe up to close the app on App Switcher when you go out of the app? If you do it right away, it may not give the app time to set up notifications. After closing the app, give it some time if you force close the app on app switcher. (Force closing at all is not recommended)


Ok i was thinking that background activation for GT into iOS settings would let notifications work well.

Thank you for your answer !