Goodtask on MacOS will not sync to IOS devices


Enter or modify a task on Mac. The new task or edit never appears on IOS.

Enter or modify a task on IOS. Shows up very quickly on Mac.

No explanation. Reminders is on for iCloud on IOS and Mac.

I've tried turning off and turning on Reminders sync on the Mac. Mac loses and then picks up everything from IOS devices, but nothing goes out from the Mac to IOS devices.

Any thoughts? Happens over and over. Well, it did finally sync: seems to take as much as 15 minutes for Mac, while it is nearly instant for IOS. Any way to get the sync frequency up or latency to be less?

Mac OS 10.14.4. IOS 12.1.4

Goodtask Mac: 4.5.1. Goodtask IOS: 4.5.1


Hi @lclevin thanks for using GoodTask.

All the sync of data between iOS and macOS devices are done by iOS and macOS themselves and the issue you explained happens to some users from time to time.

As you use the app more, it'll get faster. You may also try 'Refresh' in the top right on iOS to make it do some force update. You may also open Reminders app and check if it gets synced.



I've been having issues lately also, they just seemed to start happening where sync is not happening on one device and has to be forced closed and re-opened on iOS. I've gotten errors on macOS when I complete tasks and have to check them off again.
But I've been reading on Twitter other apps also like 2Do having same issues and they claim that Apple has made changes to the iCloud and they need to work on fixes to their app, so it may be same issues here but I don't know. Never had any issues until the last 2 weeks.


I'm not sure what 2Do app is having issue with but normally with latest iOS and macOS versions, it should work well.

I'm testing on my devices and both iOS -> macOS and macOS -> iOS works well.

I'll keep an eye on it if there are any changes that's been made recently. Thanks!


I just want to add that I am also having trouble syncing tasks to GoodTask in MacOS.
I just did a test using Fantastical on MacOS and GoodTask on iOS and MacOS.

If I create a task in Fantastical it shows up in Goodtask in iOS, but not in Goodtask MacOS.
If I create a task in GoodTask iOS it shows up in Fantastical, but not in Goodtask MacOS.
If I create a task in GoodTask MacOS, it doesn't show up in either Fantastical or Goodtask iOS.

If I try to refreash Goodtask MacOS, no tasks are synced.

Update 1:
This related to tasks created on an Exchange account. Is there a reason as to why they sync well with Goodtask iOS but not at all with Goodtask MacOS?
Interesting enough I created a task in Outlook on the computer. It appear in Outlook and Goodtask iOS, but again, not in Goodtask MacOS.

Update 2:
If I create a task in Fantastical in an exchange list it appears in Outlook and vice versa. It never appears in GoodTask MacOS. Only in GoodTask iOS.

In the end. It seem to be a sync issue between reminders and microsoft todo on MacOS. I tried to remove and add my account and it worked to sync from ms todo webb to Goodtask macOS. When I tried to sync the other way it stopped working. This is mirrored in reminders in macOS so I assume that it is here that the problem lays.


Hi @Orjan, thanks for the feedback.

The engine that runs under the hood for sync is managed by iOS and macOS as you said. Changes will be pushed to the related server but if it's not fetched, data will not be shown.

As you see, if you change things on iOS devices, it'll show up on same device pretty quick. Also changes made elsewhere seems to be quickly reflected on iOS devices.

It seems to need some more time on macOS on certain situations. Things you can do that I'm aware of is 1. Opening Reminders app and 2. Try Refresh on GoodTask.

These 2 actions could trigger to sync. It's only a possibility though. This sometimes happens on iCloud lists too but normally gets back to working well soon.

I hope this gets improved on next macOS release. Thanks!