Goodtask Reset?


My Goodtask layout seemed to reset itself out of the blue today. At first all my lists disappeared so I closed out the macOS app and re-opended it, then I had to put them all back in order again, it was like a fresh new copy but all the smart lists stayed.
This is the first time this has ever happened...


Hi @sparkktv, thanks for the feedback.

This could happen if connection between macOS and Reminders database has been reset (through something like re-logging in on iCloud account).

Normally if you have 'Automatic Preferences Sync' turned on, it tries to re-organize by itself. If it doesn't, turning it off and then back on could get it done.

I'll look into this more and will try to improve it on later updates. Thanks!


It actually happened after downloading the the latest Goodtask iOS beta. Like I said it's never happened before. I haven't messed with any of my iCloud settings. I'm hoping it was just a random thing. The weirdest part of it only affected my MacOS but on my Apple Watch it asked for permission for Reminders & Calendar again out of the blue.


Hmm, weird thing. Do you remember the build you installed which made the issue? Also what build you were previously using before installing the beta?



I installed 4.6.0(409) and that’s when it happened. Before that I was running 4.6.0(408).


There weren't any meaningful changes between those 2 builds that might cause the issue. It seems like something outside or some other thing may have caused the issue.

If it happens again, please tell me back. Thanks!


Happened again today and the watch compilation won’t update either, it shows the number 7 but I only have 4 tasks left for today. If I click on it it shows 4 tasks on the watch but when you back back to the home screen, the compilation is stuck on 7. Again this all started yesterday with the latest update. When I woke up this morning, again it seemed like GoodTask reset on both iOS & macOS, had to rearrange everything again and my watch was asking for permission again.
Never had these issues before. It can’t be on my end because I was sleeping this time, lol...


Hmm, sounds weird.

Have you tried turning off 'Auto Pref Sync' and then back on with 'Download'?

I haven't heard of asking permission again without re-install. (Normally system prevents it)

Would you try re-installing previous build? You can do it on TestFlight - GoodTask - Previous Builds - 4.6.0.

The app store version will soon be released after review so we'll need to see what may be causing this issue after that. :disappointed_relieved:


The problem seems to have fixed itself with the 4.6.0 release version.
I'm actually curious if it had something to do with the fact that on my macOS I had 4.5.9 and on iOS the beta. I know that wouldn't cause the watch issues but could it have caused the reset due to all the new features?
But I'm just glad it seems to have been fixed with the release version. Hopefully we don't have that issue again.


Sometimes weird things happen. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I'll keep an eye on it. Thanks!