GoodTask’s great with

Most people here are probably Apple centric, but after moving all of my emails, tasks and calendars to I am finding that GoodTask is actually even better with it, especially when coupled with MS ToDo on desktop and web, or desktop Outlook.

The main advantages:

  1. GoodTask Tags don’t really do anything in Reminders, but if they start with # they also work in MS ToDo app on Windows 10 or “New” task interface. You can click on a tag in MS ToDo and it would show a list of all tasks that have it.

  2. You can use url field to link to files in Onedrive, and will be able to use the same link in MS ToDo for desktop/ web. You can of course also link to iCloud Drive files, but because iDrive sharing is much more restrictive and limited, these links won’t work on all devices. This provides the often requested file attachments feature. I just wish that there was a way to speed things up by being able to create a link to a OneDrive file from within GoodTask.

  3. With the new rewritten Subtasks (done per my feature request :wink: ) it’s easy to add subtasks in Outlook and have them sync to GoodTask. This would of course work in Reminders as well, however desktop Outlook provides advanced filtering and conditional formatting that could be utilized to make subtasks even more powerful.

  4. You can easily create tasks from emails in MS ToDo or Outlook, another often requested feature. If you use Outlook for iOS and email, your flagged emails will appear in your task list and will be seen in GoodTask. (Need to enable the new task interface in, and enable the flagged emails to tasks option).

Now, I am not sure how it would handle custom task alerts or repeats if actively using ToDo. So far I am trying to set these up in GT and not touch them. But I do think that the combo of GT on iOS and Outlook / MS ToDo on desktop and web is way more powerful than GT with Reminders, for anyone who maintains a cross platform setup.


I also tried to switch from ios reminders to outlook tasks by connecting my outlook account to my iPhone setting and also pick it as the default for reminders. It all worked fine and I was happy to be able to use Siri to enter reminders and also have them on my PC.

But, there is a sync issue (acknowledged by Microsoft support) between the apple watch and the iPhone that generates duplicate lists (even 3-4). It's a big mess. So I left that endeavor.

I'm trying to set up the MS Todo > Reminder > GT workflow. However, I couldn't get the subtasks, which is "Next step" in MS Todo, to appear in GT. Any advise?

I can always use the "[ ] Subtask" in the note area to get it to work, but it will be nice to actually use the next steps in MS Todo since it will show how many of the next steps I've completed in a task.

Any advise will be appreciated, thank you.

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I'm am not an expert at all, but I think that GT handles its subtasks in its own way. Subtasks created in IOS reminders won't work in GT so I'm quite sure that the subtasks in MS Todo won't work either.

I'm personally not using Outlook at the moment, but I think that the sync issue I mentioned in 2019 is gone because last time I tried, like some months ago, it worked perfectly to use Outlook database in GT.

But again, I'm not an expert. :slight_smile:

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Thanks you for the reply, I think I’ll manage the subtasks in MS ToDo with the note section for the time being. Hope the future update will include this feature!