GoodTask v5.2 Release Note

Hi everyone, this version is a quick after service update for version 5.1. I've got various feedback about the new task detail page and went all in on customization. Now you can make it however you want. Go into 'Settings - General - Task Detail' page and set to the state that best suits your needs. :slight_smile:

A/S for Task Detail

  • Fully customizable task detail page
    : Quick Actions - Horizontal/Vertical
    : Quick Actions - Rows/Columns (0-5)
    : Order - Notes/General/Quick Actions/Subtasks

  • Due date, alert, repeat labels are tappable on General row

  • When 'Settings - New Task - Alert time for No Timed task' is set as 'No Time', changing a task with alert to no time due date will remove alert time as well.

& Other bug fixes


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Great update! Thank you! :smile:

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Kudos to you for this very good update. Using these changes right away!

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Thank you! Thank you!

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This awesome app is getting better and better!!!
I’d love to have the date of the day instead of the icon) onto my Watch if I use the Modular watch face
Keep uploading videos and let people know how awesome your app is!!!

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