GoodTask v5.3 Release Note

Hi everyone, this version includes lots of improvements on visual side of the app (and more, of course). Below is details. You may watch the video embedded at the very bottom. Hope you like the update.

Visual Modifications

  • Settings - Appearance page has been organized

  • 8 New App Icons added
    : Default is set to Rainbow on iOS devices (Can be changed to previous default in Settings - Appearances - Icon)

  • Font Size is now reflected on more places

  • Icon and Count numbers can be hidden for Lists

  • Highlight Overdue Title
    : Task with due date passed gets highlighted title color
    : Highlight Title Color can be set on Themes

  • Highlight Today Section
    : Highlight Section Color can be set on Themes

  • Icon for checking off tasks can be changed : Thick, Checkmark

Other Improvements

  • Timezone settings removed. Date and time will be fixed regardless of timezone you're at
    : When using Outlook lists, time zone may be added while syncing through other devices
    : This will work for newly added tasks and due date edited tasks

  • Calendar added on top of date picker when setting dates

  • Contextual Menu added on tasks
    : Due Date, Open URL, Share, Task->List, Open in Reminders, Delete

  • New Option: Settings - General - Swipe on Task - Due Date

  • New Option: Settings - New Task - Due Time when Due Date is Set
    : Select between Next Hour or No Time for due time when due date is set
    : This is time that's initially selected on date picker

  • Task detail: Full screen editor button added for notes on iPad

  • Custom Sort Option : Alert added. Useful on Outlook lists when added after Due date sort

  • Default Changed : 'Settings - Sort - No Time: Last' (On)

  • Apple Watch app performance improvements

  • Apple Watch Count option & App Icon Badge option adjusted
    : Now both have identical options to reduce confusion

  • Danish localization added (Thanks, Kenneth!)

& Many bugs fixed


  • New: 'Settings - Advanced - Context Menu - Task'. Can be turned off to disable long press on a task
  • Fixed: Highlight Overdue Title on the watch
  • Fixed: Count inappropriately adding current event on Apple Watch





This is an absolutely awesome update.
Really great. Thank you :+1:

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Thanks for another great update!

The long press options are great!

I like the new Checkmark task completion icon.

I like the new highlight options. Could you also add a Highlight Section Text Color option to go with the Highlight Section Color (so that just the text could be highlighted instead of the bar and/or so that if the color of the highlighted bar doesn't contrast well with the standard text color, a different color could be selected for the highlighted bar)?

I was excited to try the new calendar date picker, but it doesn't show up on my iPhone SE. I realize there may be a space issue, but I would prefer on small screens to get rid of the "Today Now Tomorrow" bar and, as necessary, shrink the scrolling date/time picker and the calendar picker so the calendar picker is available.

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I'll keep it on the list to consider. :slight_smile:

As you said, iPhone SE doesn't have room for the new calendar. :disappointed_relieved:

Hi guys,
App icon doesn't change. I tried different ones, but it always stays "rainbowed"
UPD: device restart solved the problem

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