GoodTask v5.6 Release Note

GoodTask update v5.6 is rolling out. Below are details. You can check YouTube video too at the bottom.

  • Advanced Repeat Options added (GoodTask Only. Per Task)

    • Clear Notes per Task (Default/On/Off)

    • Offset

      • After recurrence rule calculates next due date, it'll change according to offset if selected.
      • For example, if you set 20th on each month and set 'Weekdays - Previous', if next 20th is saturday, it'll be changed to 19th.

      Weekdays only - Previous
      Weekdays only - Next
      Weekends only - Previous
      Weekends only - Next
      +- N days

  • Lists can be preset for each Templates

    • Tasks on Templates will be added on preset list if it's set
    • You can choose specific list while adding by tapping 'Select List' on top (iOS)
  • 3 Quick Actions are shown when long tapping a task inside a list (Context Menu)

  • Settings - Sort - Drag and drop option: Task - Reorder On/Off
    Basic re-ordering of tasks with drag and drop can be turned off

  • Settings - iCloud Sync - Attachments
    Can be turned off to use attachments locally only

  • Notifications on Today page can be turned off with dedicated button

  • Empty sound option for notifications

  • Editing categories in Goals will edit existing data too

  • Settings - General - Swipe on Task : Complete, Complete Subtask option added

  • Settings - General - Swipe on Event : Delete option can be turned off

  • Today page - More button option added: Move to tomorrow & Complete task when subtask exists

  • Settings - Advanced : New Task on Exchange gets Default Mid Priority option added

  • Settings - Advanced : Reset Calendar Connection button added

& Many bug fixes and minor improvements



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Great job implementing pretty much all the promised features on top of getting rid of some bugs. Congrats!!!

I have a few questions related to daily routines (anyone with a good idea to solve it, feel free to pitch in):

  • let’s say we’re trying to have the app help us on a pretty basic daily routine, with 3 random easy tasks:
    — make the bed
    — read a book 45’
    — sketching 45’

Out of the many options the app offers, let’s take these two:

1. TODAY PAGE -> via Template That includes the three tasks (which now on v5.6 can be assigned to a list, e.g. “Routines”.
By the way, very smart way of implementing how the subtasks are marked DONE progressively on the Today Page, by highlighting the one that comes next. After each “click” on the checkmark, the next subtask is complete and so on. Ideal for when tasks will always be done in the order in which they’re set up.

2. RECURRING task called “DAILY ROUTINE” with 3 subtasks, that repeats itself everyday after completion.

let’s say one day we can’t finish the three tasks, so our routine would be incomplete.

- In option 1, the tasks stay in whichever list, and when the template is added the following they, tasks that were incomplete end up being duplicated.

  • Not sure yet what option 2’s problem would be, if any, because I just set it up so I haven’t seen how the app behaves this way.


  • if you mark a task as complete by mistake, and then correct it and mark as undone again... It still shows as done in the Daily Report section. Doesn’t seem to be possible to change it.


  • being able to choose which 3 quick actions show up in the menu when long-tapping on a task. Maybe as a part of the quick actions section in Settings, having an option to star whichever 3 you want.
    Currently it shows the first 3 quick actions and I know that I could rearrange them, but that would mess up the order I gave them to organize them per columns that act as categories (on the right-hand panel).

Thank you for all the hard work and help.

@MrMonk, thanks for detail feedback.

  • Both of your use cases can be used but have different up/downsides. There are problems like you've mentioned for each options. On first option, you'll get multiple tasks if you keep previous undone tasks. On second option, if you haven't finished all the subtasks, next one will not be made and you will not be able to keep history for partial completion. If you need to keep track of what you've done, option 2 is not the way. One other option could be having separate recurring daily tasks for each of your tasks.

  • Daily Reports are saved as files and even if you change/remove completed task, it's not removed. This is due to saving history regardless of Reminders data. You may delete Reports file in 'iCloud Drive/GoodTask/Reports' for that day and it will be re-produced if needed. I'll keep the use case on the list to consider for improvement.

  • I'll keep your feature request on the list to consider.



I've always had trouble with that routine task use case myself. My thought with the new features might be to create a template with three individual tasks. If you don't complete a task, just delete it and let the template regenerate the whole list tomorrow.

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v5.6.2 includes,

  • Changes to view buttons inside a list at the bottom
  • Check icons on Apple Watch follows iOS settings
  • Performance & Stability Improvements


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