GoodTask v5.9 Release Note

I couldn't wait more and decided to release 5.9 for iOS and macOS. (App Store release may take some time as Apple's servers gets refreshed). Support for Big Sur with widget on Mac will come later with the release of Big Sur. This update includes below things.

Better Workflow (macOS)

  • CMD-Enter or CMD-O while task is selected will open right click menu. This will let you access quick actions right from keyboard. On 'New Task' window, CMD-O will open quick actions menu.
  • Drag and drop text from outside into a task will make subtasks. Separate lines will make separate subtasks. (Prefix - and ◯ will be ignored)
  • Copy to clipboard added on task's right click menu

Improvements on Search (iOS / macOS)

  • 'Recent Searches' Group

    • After searching, new list according to your search result is made under this group
    • This group is automatically added at first if it doesn't exist
    • If you don't want this group and the behavior, simply remove it
    • Latest 5 lists will be preserved under this group. You can move list elsewhere to keep it.
    • Do not keep other lists under this group. It may get removed when new lists are added. (You can move its place but keep another group or space under it to separate from others)
  • Search URL Scheme : keyword, list range (all or specific)

    • goodtask3://search?keyword=[prompt:Keyword]&list=[prompt:List]
    • keyword : Search text. Values need to be URL encoded (%23 for #, %20 for space on multiple keywords)
    • list (optional) : List name. Automatically matches shortened name. (ex. h for habits, t for this week). Searches all lists when not used

Other improvements

  • When you have 'Smart Lists' & 'Lists' group, newly made lists will go under the group automatically

Below features are already available on iOS and now it's available on macOS.

  • Sync: Completed tasks option has been removed and past completed tasks are always shown with better performance

  • New Icon

  • Share sheet properly saves notes from Notes app to notes field

  • Right click on calendar will open option to add task, calendar event and templates.

    • Choosing templates on certain day will make tasks' due dates relative to that date. You can make tasks according to project's due date backwards.
  • Relative time option added to Templates - Task

  • Preferences - Appearance - Icon: Hide option added

Hope you like the update. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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