GoodTask v6.0 Release Note

Hi everyone, GoodTask v6.0 is rolling out. This update doesn't have dynamic changes or new features but there are underlying changes that improves overall performance of the app.

** CAUTIOUS : You should update all your devices to v6.0 if you're running 'Automatic Preferences Sync'

GoodTask version 6.0 improves connection to Calendars and Reminders. Overall performance has been improved and several bugs are removed.

** If you have backups for lists.plist, please replace it with revised version.

Get it done with GoodTask! Thanks!

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Hi @Stanley_T_Shao, thanks for the feedback.

Currently there is a bug that hides calendar event on initial launch. It'll be fixed very soon on next update.

Meanwhile, you can go out and then come back in to refresh. Do not swipe up on app switcher to close the app completely. Thanks!

Using Release 6.6.1 (667) on Catalina 10.15.7 and changing of the task due date via shortcuts became so slow that it is virtually unusable.

Hi @MAGO, thanks for the feedback. On your Mac, try ‘Preferences - Advanced - Delete Previously Used’ option.

Also update the app to latest version on iOS and if the issue persists, please let me know with details such as screenshots or screen recordings to