GoodTask v6.5 Release Note

Better Themes with Custom Fonts

You already had great power to customize the looks of the app but it got much more powerful with this update. The greatest one is to pick custom fonts to be used throughout the app. You can select from the ones that’s provided in the app and even more, you can import your own font to fully customize the looks!

Also overall design has been improved throughout the app. Calendars got some touch and also every angle of bars and sections got some refinement. Take a look inside ‘Settings - Appearance - Theme’ and try making your own. Or visit GoodTask forum for the ones people are sharing.

  • Theme settings
    : Inside ‘Settings - Appearance - Theme’, you can make your own theme. Choose ‘Make new theme’ or ‘Manage themes’ to edit existing ones.

  • How to import custom fonts
    : Open OTF/TTF file with GoodTask and you'll be able to import your own font. On font choosing page inside 'Manage Themes', you'll see your fonts at the bottom. It can be deleted with swipe if you want to remove them. Currently installed font does not work on widget themes.

  • Section header and date format adjustments
    : Section design has changed on Lists view. Line color follows 'Sub Background Border Color' in theme and today's text color will follow 'Today Section Title Color'.

Share Quick Actions and Templates

Quick Actions and Templates are very powerful but could be hard to figure out at first. Now you can easily share your Quick Actions and Templates. Importing is just as easy as tapping a link. Just like importing themes, Quick Actions and Templates can be imported with a link.

Other Powerful Improvements

  • New Quick Action: Next
    : Completes current task like 'Proceed' but makes next task title with first incomplete subtask. If there is none, task itself gets completed

  • Improved Quick Action: Title & notes action now have 'Replace' option
    : Choosing this option will replace current title or notes rather than adding

  • New: Duplicate Task as Event
    : Available on context menu and 'More' button inside task

  • New: Copy Link of a Task
    : Available on context menu and 'More' button inside task
    : Copies URL Scheme link on clipboard to open current task

  • New keyboard shortcut (iPad): Complete first subtask (CMD-OPTION-/)

  • Improved keyboard shortcut (iPad): Add new subtask (CMD-/)

  • Import app theme to 'Widget Theme' with a single tap
    : By tapping 'Import Theme (App)' button inside 'Settings - Appearance - Widget Theme', widget theme will be made according to your selection of existing app theme.

  • Due Date page Improvements
    : Time adjustments are now done right below time switch

  • Custom Repeat Option Improvements: Weekdays & Weekends
    : 1~10/Last weekday & weekend day can be set on monthly repeat option

  • Bulk action added on context menu

  • Contextual List option sets today/tomorrow date on new tasks for 'Scheduled' lists

& bug fixes and improvements

Hope you enjoy the update. Visit GoodTask forum and check out YouTube videos for more details. Get it done with GoodTask. Thanks!

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You need to stop releasing so many updates... you're making other developers look bad! :smiley:


Thanks for the update! I love the new looks of bars and sections, and the option to customize the font is really welcome!

Keep up the good work! :+1:

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Thanks for the update! I noticed the widget in the Notification Center disappeared after updating to this version, was it removed in this update?

Hi @hemper77, thanks for the feedback. It's not been removed. Try restarting the device. Thanks!

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Updated to 6.5.2 on MacOS, new bug -- if you resize the window vertically, I get a blank area at the top of the tasks, between the Title bar and Today. Only way I can get rid of it is to quit the app and restart. Closing and re-opening the window does not remove the extra space

Thanks for the feedback, @robertpalmerjr. It'll be fixed on next update.

Hi I have an m1 iPad on 14.5.1 and the fonts aren’t showing up in manage themes ;(