GoodTask v6.6 Release Note

GoodTask update 6.6 is rolling out. Not many things shown but there have been lots of changes and works under the hood.


This update includes better overall performance and stability improvements. Sync and widget refresh will work better between devices.

You can undo recent actions made on tasks with CMD-Z on macOS & shake on iOS. Copy and paste tasks with CMD-C and CMD-V will also work on macOS. Selected subtasks can also be copied to be pasted as text outside the app.

Buttons at the bottom of Lists can be set to be hidden inside 'Settings - Appearance - Lists' (iOS) &
'Preferences - Appearance - Lists: Bottom Bar' (macOS).

Hope you enjoy the update. Thanks!

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Thank you for adding Undo feature! :heart:

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6.6.2 update is released.

  • Performance improvements: Lots of adjustments and improvements under the hood along with 6.6.0 and 6.6.1
  • Setting Tags organized: You can edit tags inside 'Settings - Sort, Tags' which are used in general. Also tags can be edited per list right on 'Edit List' page.
  • 'Settings - Advanced - Hide Past Completed Tasks' option added. This option is for users with lots of completed tasks in the past. Checking this option will hide completed tasks older than a month but will improve refreshing speed. (for people with many many thousands)
  • User guide added inside Settings


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