GoodTask v6.7 Release Note

GoodTask v6.7 has been released.

New Quick Actions

Automatic selection on prompt for tagging and lists has been added. Choose 'Prompt: Tags (Switch/Add)' Quick Action and it'll show you just the tags you set on the list you're at. 'Prompt: Lists' Quick Action will show you filtered lists to choose from.

3-Column Layout comes back to iPad

You can tap the button to open 3-column layout on the iPad. You can tap it back to go back whenever you want.

Better Share Sheet

Share sheet has been remade to bring some more options while adding from other apps.

Other improvements

  • Spotlight search added. Tasks can be searched and be opened directly from spotlight. You can turn it off inside default 'Settings app - GoodTask - Siri & Search - Show Content in Search' if you want.

  • 'Settings - General - Context Menu' gets options to hide specific actions

  • Basic analytics tool has been added
  • Templates: Relative time adjusted
  • Touch on week/month calendar doesn't select date when swiping

& bug fixes and improvements

Hope you enjoy the update. Get it done with GoodTask. Thanks!

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Hi, Thanks for the great update!

I noticed that the release notes indicate that a basic analytics tools was added to the app. Is there an option to opt out of analytics? Thanks!

Hi @mbamitsu, thanks for the feedback. It only collects session counts, minimal page usages and some settings once per day without any identifications. Although, I'll add opting out option on next update. Thanks!

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Thanks for the info. Sounds great!

I would love it if in the next versions it brought translations for pt-br. :blush:

@GoodTask Is the Share Sheet feature available for iOS? :thinking: I cannot see the option to access it.

Hi @giulianopires, GoodTask is translated with crowdsourcing on below website. It's quite a lot but if you want to participate, please let me know. Thanks!

Hi @Karol, yes, it is.

Do you see the icon when you tap 'More' button on the share sheet?

Awesome work! Can’t wait to use prompts for lists and tags.

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Actually, I never saw this icon on iOS and always thought that simply, the feature is not yet implemented in GoodTask.

I restarted the phone, checked again, and the GoodTask icon magically appeared inside the Share Sheet options! :exploding_head:

I guess this might be related to some iOS bug, as I've hard that the share sheet icons have a tendency to disappear and re-appear quite randomly (eg.

Anyway, thanks for the feature!

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Hi - My Quick Actions have disappeared on my iPad since updating to either v6.7 or v6.7.1
Is it something I have done or is there a way to easily fix it?

I still have all of my Quick Actions on my phone.
I have restarted the iPad but that hasn’t fixed the issue…


Hi @BRINGITONDOWN, thanks for the feedback. I assume it may be that you're on 'Focus' mode. Inside a task, tap button on top right (2nd) and it should show again. If this is not the case, please let me know. Thanks!

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