GoodTask v7.0 Release Note

GoodTask v7.0 is getting released.

I wrote a post on Medium blog I started using describing the process in more detail.

Better Shortcuts app support

This update brings better Shortcuts app support on GoodTask. Existing shortcuts will be deprecated. It can be used for now but will go away in the future. New ones are supported in both iOS and Mac. Also now the app's minimum supported versions are iOS 14, macOS 10.15 and watchOS 7.

Using new shortcuts actions will let you do powerful things without opening the app. Key feature is running Quick Actions within shortcut action.

Open List: Opens GoodTask app with selected list and view

  • You can choose a list directly
  • You can optionally select specific view.

Get Task: You can get tasks to use with other actions

  • You can get all tasks or tasks inside a list by choosing one or get one by title
  • You can optionally filter them with (is completed / is not completed) option and (has subtasks / has completed subtasks / has incomplete subtasks) option

Create Task: You can create a new task

  • You can optionally select list, set title, start date, due date, alert, priority, location, notes and subtasks

Edit Task: Edit selected task fetched from 'Get Task' shortcut.

  • Is completed, title, start date, due date, alert, priority, location, notes and subtasks can be edited.
  • Notes and subtasks can be replaced or appended.

TIP: Long tap to select task as 'Magic Variable' from 'Get Task' action if needed
TIP: Use 'Repeat with each' script action to run actions on multiple tasks fetched from 'Get Task' action

Delete Task: Delete selected task fetched from 'Get Task' shortcut.

Run Quick Action: Run Quick Action on selected task fetched from 'Get Task' shortcut.

  • You can select Quick Action directly.
  • Prompt selection or text will be shown accordingly

TIP: Prompt text can be number or text. Use it accordingly per Quick Action

Other improvements

  • Most calculations including tags will be done with case-sensitive for better performance
  • Ukrainian translation added (Thanks Toma Vovk!)
  • Gathered Quick Action related settings on iOS

Hope you enjoy the update. Get it done with GoodTask. Thanks!

P.S Below post shows examples.

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Feels like it has been a while since a big Goodtask update so it was great to get this v7 release! These new shortcuts really gives us a lot of power and options with managing our tasks and lists. Great job!!

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