GoodTask won't sync and hangs when deleting tasks

I've been using GoodTask quite heavily for over a year now (usually ~200 items live on around ~30 different lists). All was well until a few days ago, but then ...

First GoodTask starting burning up my phone battery (11 Pro, recently updated to iOS 14.1) while only generally doing a slow and bad job of synchronising with my other devices (eg several items would subsequently revert to original deadlines etc next time I opened the app)

Now my Macbook (Pro 16" 2019 Catalina 10.15.7) is struggling also ... task lists load ok, but doesn't synchronise any date/time changes and if try to delete anything on the list then it's guaranteed swirling beach ball of death time and I have to force-quit the app

Have checked permissions in Settings, the box is checked

Any help / other ideas please?

Seems like a problem with iOS 14.1 and related Catalina updates?

Hi @maps_mc, thanks for the feedback.

I'd like to know some more details. Would you share screen recordings to ?


Will do this over the weekend

Email sent, hope you can diagnose and fix quickly please. Thanks.

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Wow, thanks for the super-fast email support. All appears to be fixed now.

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