Group Overdue tasks in list view, sorted by Date?

Not sure if I am missing something, or if it's just not currently possible.

Can we group all overdue tasks under a single "Overdue" header in the List view when arranged by date, as opposed to having each one under its individual date.

If not, please consider this a feature request.

Hi @Wanderling, thanks for the feedback.

On List view, it should be in single 'Overdue' section. But on week and month views, if the date is in current date frame, it'll show as separate section. I'll keep that in the list to consider.


That's not how it is in my GT. In List views, all overdue tasks are under individual dates. Is there a setting somewhere that I am missing ?

Hi @Wanderling, it could be 'Settings - General - Overdue tasks on:' option. It should be 'Current Date' to be shown as separate Overdue section. Thanks!

Thank you, this worked.

Unfortunately I didn't realize that the group can not be collapsed.

What I am looking for is the ability to group the overdua tasks under a header and collapse / expand as needed.

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