Groups and List Icons Didn't Sync to iPadOS

I just setup my new 2021 iPad Pro to replace my 2014 iPad Mini. When I first opened GoodTask, I was given the message from iCloud to update my Reminders App. After I opened Reminders, GoodTask was populated, but all the Reminders Lists had their icon reset and moved out of the groups I had previously organized them into. The Smart Lists were not affected.

Hi @debryc, thanks for using GoodTask.

  1. You may need to wait awhile for Reminders database to download all the data. You may check the status with Reminders app.
  2. GoodTask settings are synced through files in iCloud Drive. This may take some time too on new device. You can check the status in Files app - iCloud Drive/GoodTask/Settings if needed. You can also check inside GoodTask app's settings - iCloud Sync.

If all is done well but the app is not properly working, try restarting the app and see how it goes. Thanks!

iCloud sync is completely up-to-date and restarting didn't change the icons back. However, the issue is manually fixable so no more support on this issue is needed. Thank you.