GT widgets iOS 14 not showing list data


GT widgets iOS 14 not showing list data - just a box. If I click on the widget it does open the app. How can I fix this so the widget shows list data?

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Hi @dealtek, thanks for the feedback. It seems like there is a bug on certain cases. I'm investigating this issue now and will do my best to fix it soon. Thanks!

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Hi. Definitely seems to be a bug that has crept in somewhere. I am also having this issue with GT Widget on my iPad Pro (iPadOS 14). It was working (showing all the tasks for today as well as the calendar entries). But all of a sudden (Without changing anything in the widget), it is only showing the calendar entries and everything else is just a blank block. I’ve restarted the iPad, removed the widget and re-added it, but I cannot get it to show the tasks anymore, no matter which settings I change. For the record, the widget is showing perfectly (all tasks and calendar entries) on my iPhone, with the exact same settings. Thanks!

Hi @Shaun, thanks for using GoodTask. Widget related bugs are resolved in current released version. Check if you have the app updated to latest version and if the issue persists, send details with screenshots to thanks!

Hi there. I seem to be on the latest version but unfortunately I am still experiencing the same issue. I have emailed you as requested, with details and screenshots.Thank you.

Just for the forum members info, all seems to be working as intended. Looks like it was an issue on my iPad. An uninstall and reinstall of GT fixed the problem. Thank you.

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