Habits/Tasks that Reset Daily

Hi again,

I am curious if this app allows for recurring tasks that don't need to be completed. For example, I could have a daily task for "drink water," but it is okay if I don't complete it -- I don't want to see it overdue the following day - I just want it to be set as a todo for the day. What is important to me is being able to check my logbook and see what days I marked those tasks as 'complete.'

I thought I could create this with some combination of tags ('habit'), repeating tasks, and smart list filters -- but, I am having trouble. Any ideas?

Thank you again for this app and the help you have provided thus far.

The only way I can think of off the top of my head, is to have a #tag (called e.g. #habit) and have that list filtered to show that tag on the today view. And before you comlete it, you have a quick action to duplicate it.

Hi @405fv, thanks for the feedback.

Recurring tasks run a bit differently on Reminders/GoodTask than other apps such as habit forming apps. You only have a task with recurrence rule and that's it.

When you complete that task, next one is made upon that rule.

Due to this characteristics, there is no need to defer or pass or remove the tasks that's not been done.

To remove the discomfort of viewing 'Overdue' tag on the task, you can simply change the date to today.

I'm planning to make this procedure smoother on later updates. Thanks!

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There is another thread somewhere that talks about this. There are basically two ways I've handled this, manually with duplication, and semi-automatically with a shortcut.

Manually, either create a list or a tag for the tasks, and before you complete them, duplicate them. This is probably a good time to add the duplicate quick action and possibly even a quick action for the list or tag you're using, depending on how often you create this type of task.

The other way's a bit more complicated and kind of relies on my own system. I run an evening shortcut on iOS every night. As part of that I add completed tasks to a log and then delete them. What I did was add to this. If there's a completed task with the tag #repeat, it creates a new copy of that task. Because all completed tasks get deleted afterwards, it works with no duplicates. Let me know if you want the Shortcut.I'm sure there are ways to recreate this on a Mac using Applescript, although since I don't have a Mac right now I couldn't do it. And if you don't want to delete completed tasks, you could still do this by adding a date check to the Reminder search.

Thanks for sharing. Possibly things will get much better on v5.5 update. (Can’t share the details yet) Thanks!


@Yvonnezed I'd love to see a copy of your Shortcut! :slight_smile:

Sorry I didn't reply to this earlier. Here's the link.

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Thanks for sharing the link!