Handling Agendas and Waiting


I thought I would share how I am currently handling Agendas and Waiting tasks with the assistance of LCP (Launch Center Pro).

Currently I use the :speaking_head: emoji to indicate an agenda item, the :telephone_receiver: emoji for items I know are calls, and the :hourglass_flowing_sand: emoji for things I am waiting for. All of my tasks go into an area list called Work, or Personal depending on the area of the item. I then have a Agenda - Work and and Agenda - Personal smart list which includes any of the above emoji and is limited to the specific work | personal list. (More on these smart lists below).

In Quick Actions I have a switch defined of :speaking_head: -> :hourglass_flowing_sand: as that is the most common transition for me.

Then, in LCP, I have three actions defined, all similar except in context. They are:

  • Agenda Work
  • Agenda Partners (External Work items)
  • Agenda Personal

One example of those is shown below:

goodtask3://x-callback-url/add?title=[dictate:Title]&list={{Personal}}&notes={{#🗣 [list:Agenda item for ...|Bob=#bob|Carol=#carol|Ted=#ted|Alice=#alice|Mom=#mom]}}&x-success={{launch:}}

This allows me to quickly creat an agenda item by dictating it and having it show up in the correct list. This is obviously the personal action, the work ones would point to the work list.

Ok, Back to the smart lists. For each one, I have them sorted by tag, with the tags being the same as in the LCP action list. So for the above, I would have the following tags:


This gives me a nice consolidated view of everything I may need to speak to someone about. If it's the external list, I generally use the partner company name, and make the first word of what I dictate the specific person at that company I many need to interact with.

So far it's working out very well.