Haptic feedback for Smart Button

Hi ive decided to leave Things 3 as a task manager after using the mac app. I finally downloaded the iOS version today. I love it!

Just wondering if its possible to add haptic feedback for the options that show up when pressing and holding the smart button on the bottom right. Just how the bottom + does it while holding it. i was getting lost because i couldnt feel where i was going with the smart button lol. (maybe im just used to things 3 lol)

And also would be nice to read the titles of the bottom buttons when pressing and holding over them while dragging over the icons (though the mac version doesnt show them either with mouse hover) .

Hope you like the feedback! Im sure ill purchase the full iOS version in a couple of minutes from now lol

Thanks for the feedback. I'll check the haptic part on next update. Also I'll keep the feedback on the list to consider. Thanks!

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Thanks for implementing it! Coming from T3, that was also my immediate request :wink: it works great now !

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I agree what a humongous difference! Thank you for the great update and being such an awesome developer! @GoodTask

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