Help for Aging Eyes


I love using the app and have a suggestion for people with Aging Eyes.

Right now I am using dark mode

In the detail view:

Under the task title - you have - notes - date and - alert fields

I would consider all this primary data.

The Title field is bright white however these fields are slightly gray Font color and this, although nice-looking - is hard to read.

I understand that you are trying to have a visual priority with the various colors, however since this is primary data I suggest it should all be equally bright white (for those of us whose eyesight is not perfect)

Please modify these fields (notes - date and - alert) to be bright white also.

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Again, I'm sure you are using font size also as visual priority, However this makes the app hard to use for Aging Eyes. So please make your secondary font size larger for primary data - so it is easier to see.

Example: in list view - under task title - you have smaller fonts with primary data - that is hard to read (for me al least) showing Date - time and icons etc. My suggestion is to make that big font & big Icons also - and to keep it Visually Separate - simple right justify the second Line to keep it different from the main task title.

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Thanks for the feedback. I’ll consider it. You may change ‘Sub text color’ after duplicating current theme you’re using to change secondary text color.

I’ll try to add a video soon about theme editing.




Thank you so much for considering these changes

again - in list view - under task title are the fields
date - time fields and icons

Please consider making these critical fields the SAME font size and the Task data (Like Apple Reminders App does).

Also a note that these Aging Eyes are using Huge+ and that second data row is super tiny compared to the other text. (If you try Sunset theme with Huge+ font size you can easily see these issues)

Also - rather than a repeat icon please consider a more meaningful actual field data like:

Today, 8:00 PM, & the actual text like "Daily - Weekly - Every 2 days" etc. (like Apple Reminders)

Why? As an example I use repeats a lot - and typically will click complete on a current task - and I know this will adjust the date safely to the next repeat date. No Worries. However I can barely see the icon so I may click complete on a task (thinking it has a repeat) but it does not - so now I have lost that task (as completed) which is bad.

If we could easily see the actual text: (Like Apple Reminders App does)
Today, 8:00 PM, Weekly

...then there is much less chance of getting this wrong.

Thank you also for mentioning theme editing - I did not know about this and now I am having a lot of luck making changes.

Thanks Again Dave

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Once again Thanks Much for the great updates with v5.2! The app is getting better and better.

Since I am using huge+ font size - I thought it might be helpful to see a side by side comparison with Apple reminders. In my case you can see that the very important second line of data is the same size (large) in Apple Reminders - but small (in comparison to huge+) in GoodTask.

So for some of us it might be better to make the second line - the same size as the chosen font.

In addition - Apple Reminders Repeat is more meaningful with the Actual Text (, Daily , Weekly, Every 2Days etc) rather than a less meaningful icon (that leaves you wondering what the repeat is) - so switching to the more meaningful text would be helpful also.

Here is a link to the picture

Thanks for considering these issues.

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