Help needed for making tasks


Hello everybody

I’m new. I’ve been using Listaway but that app has disappeared from the app store so i switched to GoodTask.

I’m looking for a few functions i can’t find in GoodTask. So i want to ask if i’m doing something wrong or if it’s not (yet :wink:) possible in GoodTask.

  1. I can’t seem to add an adres to a task. (only an alert at an location) See blue arrow where i could do that in the previous app) (extra info like, phonenumber, e-mail, www is also something i can’t seem to add)

  2. Is it possible to add a picture to a task? (red arrow) that come’s in handy when making a shoppinglist for Ikea or when you’re meeting someone for the first time.


Hi @Valentijn101, thanks for using GoodTask.

Currently GoodTask mainly run on top or Reminders app’s data. Things simply goes into notes field at the moment.

Photos and attachments are not supported at the moment but it’s on the list to consider.


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