Hide tasks until Start "Time" arrives


Is there an option to hide tasks until the Start TIME is reached? There are numerous tasks that cannot be done until after a certain time of day (end-of-day tasks for work, picking up dry cleaning on the way home from work, take medicine at 8 pm, etc.), and having those tasks visible all day long really clutters up my screen and distracts me from the tasks I am actually able to do "now".

GoodTask does a perfect job of keeping tasks out of sight until their Start DATE is reached, but it sure would be helpful to apply that same logic to the Start TIME.


Hi @Phil, thanks for the feedback.

Currently, you can do this with 'Scheduled : Today' smart list filter with 'Hide : Unstarted' option checked. This will not show you tasks that hasn't started for today.


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Wow, this is fantastic! I just never noticed that option there before. Thank you so much!!