Hide tasks until Start "Time" arrives

Is there an option to hide tasks until the Start TIME is reached? There are numerous tasks that cannot be done until after a certain time of day (end-of-day tasks for work, picking up dry cleaning on the way home from work, take medicine at 8 pm, etc.), and having those tasks visible all day long really clutters up my screen and distracts me from the tasks I am actually able to do "now".

GoodTask does a perfect job of keeping tasks out of sight until their Start DATE is reached, but it sure would be helpful to apply that same logic to the Start TIME.

Hi @Phil, thanks for the feedback.

Currently, you can do this with 'Scheduled : Today' smart list filter with 'Hide : Unstarted' option checked. This will not show you tasks that hasn't started for today.



Wow, this is fantastic! I just never noticed that option there before. Thank you so much!!

I'd like to do this too. The above instructions no longer seem to exist. Tried in both MacOS or iOS. Has the UI changed? Could someone please help me to hide tasks until start time on the current version of the software?

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Hi @stuckagain,

I still see the option on both iOS and macOS. When you edit the Today smart list, tap/click on the 'Scheduled: Today' filter in the filters section at the bottom of the screen to edit the options for the filter. At the bottom of the screen for editing that filter, you should see options to 'Hide (tasks)' for 'No Time', 'Later Tasks', and 'Unstarted'.

If your Today smart list lacks the 'Scheduled: Today' filter, you can add it using 'Add New Filter', setting the 'Type' to 'Scheduled', and then changing the 'Scheduled' option to 'Today' (on macOS, the last part in a drop down list).



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I worked it out with your kind help. The "Unstarted" option made no difference, but the "Later Tasks" did the trick. Thank you very much.

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is there also the possibility to hide tasks that a time has been assigned to also when filtering for "1 week" instead of "today"?

Hi @Gedez, thanks for the feedback. I'll keep it on the list to consider. Thanks!

Is this still meant to work? The only option I have in hide is “future start date/time” and that doesn’t seem to hide items I have due at, say, 11pm, when it is 6pm.

Hi @taproot, thanks for the feedback. Text has been changed from above posts but the features are the same. Please refer to below post.


Thank you for the quick reply!

Unfortunately, I don’t seem to be able to produce the result following those instructions. The “due date” filter no longer exists. Here’s my filter:

I tried adding a second AND filter with only “Today” set as in the instructions. This does not change the result unfortunately. I must be missing something.

If it matters, I am using “Simple” dates so my tasks don’t have a separate start time.

My goal is to show all tasks from today, that either have no time set, or a time set that’s earlier than the current time.

Thanks for the details.

It's a bit confusing. 'Future start date/time' option should also be hidden when you're not using Advanced date type. I'm sorry about it. I'll fix it on next update.

For the result you want, you need to change date type to Advanced and select option 'Future Due date/time'. After that, it'll hide the tasks that's due later.

I'll keep your feedback and will see if things can be improved.


That fixed it! Thank you! This is just what I wanted, I will buy the app.

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Is it possible that it’s just backwards, and the future due date/time is meant to be shown when in simple date mode?

It feels like “future due date/time” would work without switching to advanced, since due dates/times are present in simple mode (start date/time is not).

Just a thought! If it’s possible, could help someone else in the future.

It seems like you're correct. I'll fix it on next update. You may change it to simple mode after it's set and it should work as expected. Thanks!

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