How to exclude specific notifications/alerts?


While I use GT for a lot of work and personal productivity, I also share more than a few lists with my wife for projects and reminders around the house. Naturally, some of those tasks will not be relevant to me or at least are things that we have agreed my wife will work on and thus I don't need to be reminded of.

My approach has been (since the assigned function in reminders is apparently not open to 3rd parties to use) to use a tag with my wife's name and put it on tasks that I don't want to see, and then use smart lists to exlude them.

This works well to avoid seeing these tasks in my Today and other lists. It also helps keeping the badge count relevant, as I can base it on a smart list.

However, I have not found how I can avoid getting alerts in the form of notifications for these tasks. As far as I can tell, the notifications can only exclude specific lists, but not smart lists.

Have I misunderstood something? Could I somehow avoid getting notifications for these tasks? Is it an intended design to allow smart lists to limit badge count, but not notifications?

Grateful to ideas for how to address!



Hi Henrik, thanks for the feedback.

As you may already know, you can filter lists that'll run notifications. Go into 'Settings - General - Notifications - Lists' and you can include/exclude such lists.

If you want to remove notifications for specific purpose, it needs to be in a specific Reminders list so you can exclude it.


Yes, I kind of saw this. But, you can when it comes to the badge count limit by smart list, and not just "normal list", is that not possible here?

If not, can we add to feature requests?

The recommendation to use a separate list for everything I don't want to see is not very practical for my use case. Let me give you an example:

Let's say we have a project called "Throw birthday party for our son". It will have a number of tasks, some of which I'll do and some of which my wife will do. Your suggestion would then mean I would ask my wife to move tasks assigned to her to a new list called something like "stuff Henrik doesn't care about".

I'm sure you can see how that is not super practical :smiley:

I understand what you mean and what you want.

Unlike icon badge, notifications are actually connected to each task and filtering it per list is an additional feature that is not meant to use in normal cases.

Normally you should have tasks with alerts to get notified. And the tasks that don't need to get notified should not have an alert on them.

Selecting a smart list to get notified could be useful but it can also give confusion while seeing alert icons that will not get notified.

But well, this goes same with filtering with Reminders list too. I'll keep your suggestion on the list to consider.


Ok, thanks for the consideration.

I realize that some haven't opened up the assigned tasks api yet, so perhaps it becomes more relevant when / if they do.