How to manage assigned reminders?

I'm new to GoodTask, and I'm liking it so far.

One thing I find puzzling though is how to manage assigned tasks from shared lists. I've tried googling and this forum without finding anything.

Example: my wife and I have a family todo list where we assign various tasks to each other. In the reminders app I can of course see this, but in GoodTask I don't seem to be able to see that, filter on it, actually assign reminders, etc. etc.

Please help! Am I missing something? Or is this not supported? If so, why and is there any hope it will become a feature?


Hi @kimpa888, thanks for the feedback.

Unfortunately assigning feature on default Reminders app is not opened to 3rd party developer's access. I'll give a request to Apple again about it and will keep an eye on it.


I’d love this feature but not sure apple reminders does much other than stating who is responsible?
I’d like it as my wife gets overwhelmed by the sheer volume of tasks for our business so she ignores them all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’d like her to be able to filter the list to show just her jobs and only get notifications about those tasks. This way I can manage the distribution but she only has to worry about her share.
Can this be achieved using tags and smart lists?

Hi @Themikeyd, thanks for the feedback.

I'd recommend using separate Reminders list and make it to send notifications only. You can move only important ones on that list.


Sorry I missed your reply. Great idea but is it possible to use tags instead to keep the tasks in their correct list? Or is that what the smart list would do?

You can do it however you want. You can go into 'Settings - Notifications - List' and choose specific lists or smart list. Thanks!

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