How to put timed list in Template?

Hi all,

This is more of an advice request than feedback on the app, which I think is great!

I have been using Templated tasks to alert me at relative times, so I’ll play a block of say, Morning Routine, at whatever time I wake up (as opposed to a fixed 8am every day), with all other upcoming time blocks relative to that. [Just to illustrate: the Morning Routine template has a “make bed” alert at +1 minute, “coffee” at +2 minutes, “chores” at +3 minutes, and so on; the next template starts at +45 minutes, and so on. Apple Watch dings to remind me of each current task - the entire reason I bought the watch and GoodTask!]

It has been awkward to go into GoodTask>Settings>New Task>Template>… each time I need to write (or reread!) a new task in my Workday block, or whatever. So I’m trying out making a separate Reminders list for each block. (I haven’t updated the Reminders iOS app, if it matters.)

I can add a Reminders list to each template, but it doesn’t play at a relative time. Also it seems to work the opposite of the way I wanted - instead of reading the tasks in the Reminders sublist, it adds my template task to that sublist and doesn’t display the rest.

Is there any way I can do what I’m wanting to do here? That is, can I get a relative time alert to do Reminders sublist A, then at the following relative time, get an alert to start the following tasks in Reminders sublist B?


Hi @Can-do, thanks for using GoodTask.

I'm not sure if I'm fully getting it or not but how about doing below?

  • Long tap + button on any desired list and add 'Template' that you have set for the routine.

This will add tasks with relative dates/alerts if you have set templates that way.

If this is not what you want, please let me know again with some screenshots if possible. Thanks!

Hello again and thank you! I hadn’t realized I could access the Templates through the plus sign, so that’s nice to know.

I’m not sure there’s actually any way to do what I was trying to explain here… but I made a graphic to hopefully make things clearer. Maybe there’s an alternative method I’m missing.

I should add, there are a couple of reasons I’m not using subtasks for this. On my watch, I can only see the first two subtasks, and I can’t mark them done individually - if I mark complete, the whole set of subtasks disappears.

Thanks for the details.

For templates, you can't edit existing tasks. If you want to do what you have captured, you need to make those 3 tasks inside Template rather than adding 'Start this list' with relative time set.

If you do that, it'll make 3 tasks when you add a new task.