How to sharelist for collaboration?


Been using GoodTask for a while now and still trying to learn all of its awesome features and nuances!

I’m trying to share lists with my spouse for collaboration – not just send a list via email but where we both can add items and mark them completed. I couldn’t find how to do this directly in GoodTask. I did see that I could shares list via email but that does not give access to it. I ended up switching to the Reminders app and was able to share the list easily from there.

Is there any way to accomplish this without leaving GoodTask? If not, it’s not the end of the world, but I use it so much I thought it would be nice if I was able to do that directly within GT. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for any info or help you could offer!

Hi @raeyn, thanks for using GoodTask. You can’t directly share lists inside GoodTask but you can do it in Reminders app. Go into Reminders app and make a list shared with anyone using iCloud’s sharing feature.

After that, that list will work like any other list in GoodTask but the changes and details will be shared.