Idea for implementing GTD-style Projects and Next Actions


Absolutely love GoodTask---thank you so much!

Had some thoughts on incorporating GTD-style Projects + Next Actions and wanted to see if any tweaks could be made to streamline this a bit in the software.

Currently I have a Reminders list entitled "Projects" and within that, each project has several subtasks. I have been manually adding the first subtask of each of these to my Next Actions smartlist and then pulling another Next Action from each project as I complete the first one.

Unfortunately, this workflow is tedious. Either of the following would help, if possible to implement:

  1. A way to create a smartlist that will automatically show the first subtask off each of these lists (and ideally, show the next subtask once the first one is marked completed).
  2. The ability to drag and drop a subtask into an existing smartlist (i.e., into the "Next Actions" smartlist).

Hi @Fuchsia, thanks for the feedback.

It's a bit confusing since 'subtask' is used in different term. In GoodTask, each task has subtasks that's simply a checkable text. I assume you're not talking about this on your post.

Showing one task per list in a smart list is what you want. Am I correct?


Thanks for your response. Also want to mention one of the things I love about GoodTask is it reminds me of the palm pilot, which I really enjoyed :slight_smile:

So, with the Projects and Next Actions (subtasks), here is an example below.

In David Allen's Getting Things Done methodology, you create a "next action" for every project (and have a list of next actions you can scan by context, area of focus, etc.).

In this case, the relevant next action for the Project is to buy paint ("KM outdoor whitest white"). Once that is done, "clean post" will become the next action, and so on...

So what would be really nice would be the ability to create a Smartlist that will automatically pull the first next action/subtask from multiple different projects and then as that subtask from each project is completed, it will auto-populate with the new next action / subtask.

That way, when you look through that Next Actions Smartlist, you only see the next action on which you can actually take action.

Thanks very much.


Thanks for detail explanation.

It would be a little awkward to separate subtask from the task but I got what you mean.

I’ll keep it on the list to consider. Thanks!


Great---thanks. Even adding the ability to tag a subtask or drag + drop a subtask would help.