Ideas for deferring repeating reminders workaround

Hello - I got super excited about GoodTask today, but then ran against what might be a deal-killer. I have lots of repeating/recurring reminders for various to-dos. But, sometimes I want to defer the current iteration a day or two (or a week, etc.), WITHOUT changing the main scheduled recurrence date. I figured out that conceptually the app will let me do this, in a way, via the snooze feature (and also deferring the "alert" date/time rather than the "due date" date/time.). But there is one missing piece that I wondered if there was an existing way to fix.

Say I have a monthly recurring reminder with a due date of the first of the month at 8am. So, today is June 1. It comes up, but I want to defer the alert time until June 3, but LEAVE the programmed regular "due date" as the first (so that it stays on the first for recurrences in the future). I can actually do that, either manually, or with the Alert Date quick action. Or with snooze if it's just a day or two.

BUT -- what I also want is for the 3-day "snoozed" item to "disappear" from my "Today" view (smart list), until the snoozed alert day (June 3) arrives. I see there is a way to include alert date as one of the SORTING options, but it still shows up in Today since the "due" date is now that day or overdue.

Is there a way to configure a list view so that items with an alert date in the future do not show up in a "today" view until the deferred/snoozed alert time arrives? Even though the "due" date is today or overdue? Maybe with filters? I see that there is an "Alert" filter, but wasn't sure if that could be figured for anything more than "events with an alert - yes or no". Ideally it could be filtered by "Alerts more than 24 hours in the future" or something like that, and exclude those from the "Today" view......


Hi @wbarnes4393, thanks for using GoodTask. I’m on my phone so I’ll type briefly.

When you set a recurrence option which is strict such as first friday of a month or every 4th day, you can just simply defer the date and next one will be made regardless of current due date.

I think doing this will be the most effective way to make it work as you want.


Thanks for the reply. That is part of the way to a workaround, but what about times? I tried making a recurring task that occurs weekly at 9am. If I only defer it by day (say to Saturday at 9am), it works as expected. But if, say, I add an hour or two on Saturday—to where it winds up being Saturday at noon—and then click complete, the next recurrence will be Friday at NOON instead of Friday at 9am as originally scheduled.

I can see that probably the solution is: (1) use firm recurrence dates (like every Friday), (2) fine to add days to defer (will still revert to Fridays), and (3) use snooze to only defer hours (since that will leave original due date AND HOUR) intact upon the next iteration after completion.

Probably I could learn all that. Would take some new muscle memory for sure though. Am I missing any other ideas or solutions?

Normally I would recommend using snooze for the times. But you can also use 'Auto-snooze' to get it done that day if you need notifications to get nudged. Thanks!