Inconsistent Recurring Task Notificarions

I have some daily tasks that I depended on stock reminders for. I liked that it would send me a notification that would persist until I completed the task.

The same tasks have been inconsistent with good notes. Sometimes I get the notification, other times it just says overdue and doesn’t send them at all.

Is there a way to ensure the stock behavior happens?

Hi @Svdomer, thanks for the feedback. Notifications that stick to Lock Screen is only available for Reminders app. On GoodTask, it should come in but gets hidden after you open the device. It'll be shown when you swipe up on Lock Screen.


I see. They disappear from me even in the Notification Center. Sadly this makes the app completely useless for me; I rely on those notifications to give my dog his medication, and other daily important tasks.

You may want to check 'Auto-Snooze' for those tasks. Or you can always turn on notifications for Reminders and it'll share the details with GoodTask. Thanks!