Install on second Mac

I purchased both the desktop app and the iOS app a while back and have been using it on my iMac, iPhone, and iPad. I recently got a MacBook and was surprised to see that I would have to pay for the desktop app again in order to install it on my new MacBook. I did check my 'purchased' apps in the App Store on my new MacBook, and while I see all of the other apps that I purchased to use on my iMac, Goodtask was not among them.

Since all of my devices are on the same iCloud account, I expected to be able to download the desktop app at no additional cost. This was the case when I installed the iOS version on a second mobile device (i.e., I didn't have to pay for the iOS version twice).

Just wondering if this is how it's intended to work---the desktop app purchase only covers one device?

Hi @rhombus, thanks for using GoodTask.

Normally purchases are tied to your Apple ID and can be used on multiple devices with one purchase. As you mentioned, iOS and macOS are separate but each can be installed in multiple devices.

You may want to check your purchase history or receipts. Normally it can only be purchased once per Apple ID.