Instead of emojis

I was looking for nice and clean looking emojis for my lists but couldn't find any that I liked (yes, the look of the app is important to me :slight_smile:.

Then I found these text symbols and I really like the clean and elegant look it gives the lists.


That does look really nice! Thanks for the idea. :grinning:

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@BoEast I love these text symbols, can you share where you found them, I would love to try them out.

I installed an app called "Symbol Keyboard" free on app store :slight_smile:


@sparkktv If you're using Mac, you can check them by CMD-CTRL-Space at the very bottom of emojis.

i.e :yin_yang:︎ ⚐ :slight_smile:︎ ♘ ..


So this is my choice (for now :roll_eyes:) of symbols. :slightly_smiling_face:
Edit: the last one is from Outlook and can't be altered.

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I love this. I was using emojis but they look so messy. This is much cleaner! Thanks!


It looks perfect and a lot cleaner this way. Emjois just took up too much space. Here is my new set-up with the symbols...


It really looks as if it was built into the app :slight_smile: Really cool! And there is a symbol for any kind of list. I must admit that I'm probably a little too much into this kind of things (lol) almost spending more time setting up the app than actually using it :rofl:


While I love this idea, the one thing that is lost is the ability to tell Siri to add to a particular list. For example if I have a list "Waiting" or ":hourglass_flowing_sand:Waiting" Siri will interpret both of those correctly if I say "Add X to Waiting List". If however I name the list "⧗Waiting" it will not interpret it correctly and instead tell me that I have no "Waiting" list. This idea does work well though with any smart lists as I would never be using Siri for those, or my default list which I don't need to name.

Yes and IFTTT also will not read the lists. I had to remove the text symbols already. Emojis however both IFTTT & Siri will read.

Ah, never thought about that. I’m happy to not have this problem with my setup. Yet .... perhaps there will we a set of nice icons to choose from in a future update (I think MS to-do has that). :smile:

Edit: lol, I took them away too and now I like the clean look with only text better. The icons to choose from are good enough, even though they are a bit difficult to see. I’m probably spending too much time on these issues:)

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I went through the emoji phase, and I still use them as tags because it's faster to add #:speaking_head: as opposed to #agenda. I have removed them from most list names because the more I automate the more they screw me up.

I'm new to GoodTask, so just now catching up on the conversations in the forum, but I agree that better visual symbols / icons for lists would be a huge help. There are so few currently provided in GT, and they are very small and hard to see. It's obvious by this thread that others besides me would love to have a better selection without having to resort to inserting emojis or special character symbols, which have been pointed out to interfere with Siri. Of course, this sort of thing isn't high on the list of "necessities"... just more of a "wish list". (Maybe a small update this Christmas?) :wink: