Instead of emojis


I was looking for nice and clean looking emojis for my lists but couldn't find any that I liked (yes, the look of the app is important to me :slight_smile:.

Then I found these text symbols and I really like the clean and elegant look it gives the lists.


That does look really nice! Thanks for the idea. :grinning:

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@BoEast I love these text symbols, can you share where you found them, I would love to try them out.


I installed an app called "Symbol Keyboard" free on app store :slight_smile:

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@sparkktv If you're using Mac, you can check them by CMD-CTRL-Space at the very bottom of emojis.

i.e :yin_yang:︎ ⚐ :slight_smile:︎ ♘ ..


So this is my choice (for now :roll_eyes:) of symbols. :slightly_smiling_face:
Edit: the last one is from Outlook and can't be altered.

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I love this. I was using emojis but they look so messy. This is much cleaner! Thanks!


It looks perfect and a lot cleaner this way. Emjois just took up too much space. Here is my new set-up with the symbols...


It really looks as if it was built into the app :slight_smile: Really cool! And there is a symbol for any kind of list. I must admit that I'm probably a little too much into this kind of things (lol) almost spending more time setting up the app than actually using it :rofl:

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While I love this idea, the one thing that is lost is the ability to tell Siri to add to a particular list. For example if I have a list "Waiting" or ":hourglass_flowing_sand:Waiting" Siri will interpret both of those correctly if I say "Add X to Waiting List". If however I name the list "⧗Waiting" it will not interpret it correctly and instead tell me that I have no "Waiting" list. This idea does work well though with any smart lists as I would never be using Siri for those, or my default list which I don't need to name.


Yes and IFTTT also will not read the lists. I had to remove the text symbols already. Emojis however both IFTTT & Siri will read.


Ah, never thought about that. I’m happy to not have this problem with my setup. Yet .... perhaps there will we a set of nice icons to choose from in a future update (I think MS to-do has that). :smile:

Edit: lol, I took them away too and now I like the clean look with only text better. The icons to choose from are good enough, even though they are a bit difficult to see. I’m probably spending too much time on these issues:)


I went through the emoji phase, and I still use them as tags because it's faster to add #:speaking_head: as opposed to #agenda. I have removed them from most list names because the more I automate the more they screw me up.