Integrated window with task details gone?

I love the new board view but couldn't help notice that, to view task details, you have to doubleclick a task and it will show in a separate window? Is there any preference setting that I can toggle to use the old integrated view?



Hi @owlinprime, thanks for the feedback.

Yes, it's been changed due to various reasons. You can keep the window open and put it at the place you want if you want it to be shown.

You can easily open and close with enter/escape or CMD-D if needed.


Really preferred the integrated detail view as well.


Thanks for bringing it back in the latest update! I use it all the time & was missing it.

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Thanks for the feedback. The feature is added on Mac version with 6.4.1 update.

You can set it by checking option in menu bar - View - Integrate Panel.


Thanks for the work!

Giving us the option on how to deal with the task details window is fantastic. Thanks so much!

In the Mac app, I generally like the integrated details window, but I think the pop-out window is also good to have. Rather than have an app setting to integrate the details window, I would love for task details to be shown in the integrated window by default, and to allow double clicking a task to open its details in a separate window (similar to how selecting a file in Finder will show its details while double clicking will open the file). This way I could have several tasks open at once, move tasks to different monitors, etc. while not giving up the convenience of the integrated panel by default.

Hi @larbob, thanks for the feedback. I'll keep it on the list to consider. Thanks!