Integration with Craft Docs

A lot of Craft users integrate with their task system (I see Things and Omnifocus being mentioned a lot). I’ve worked out a system to use GoodTask a little, but would love a different export option to help.

Right now as part of my morning workflow I lean on the Reminders actions in Shortcuts, find reminders that match my smart list requirements, use toolbox pro to get the reminder UUID, and turn into the GoodTask url. Then in shortcuts I write the markdown task with a link back to GoodTask and add that to Craft doc.

That works for a list, but sometimes I want to drag+drop one task over, or share it over and the best option seems to be copying over the title, then copying over the url, and putting it together by hand. I’m open to options, exporting in the markdown task format is good, or other direct integrations.

Thanks for an unbelievably flexible app!

Hi @DanielPMeltzer, thanks for the feedback.

Have you tried 'Copy Link' for a task inside GoodTask? It'll copy URL Scheme link which will open the task directly.

You can get it inside task detail page - 3-dot button on top right. Or long tap (context menu) on a task.

If this is not what you mean and need something else, please let me know. Thanks!

I have used that, the workflow looks like:

  1. Enter a task name manually in Craft in task format
  2. Copy link
  3. Paste link into Craft

That results in the bottom link in the attached image.
Pasting the link by itself results in the top link.


I’m hoping for something a little more seamless.

Since I'm not using Craft heavily, I'm not sure what would be an ideal solution. If you can give me some examples of other app's integration that's working well, I'll take a look. Thanks!

I don’t use the other task apps :grin:
I know I’ve seen some videos others have made, I’ll track them down and share.

Thanks for your work!

@DanielPMeltzer - blast from the past - did you ever find a solution you liked? I’d love to see your shortcut in action if that was ok by you?

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